Who We Serve

MMIC provides medical liability coverage for organizations across the medical continuum, including:

  • Physicians

    From solo physicians to large multispecialty physician groups
  • Large Integrated Health Systems and Hospitals

    From small rural facilities to large urban institutions
  • Long-Term Care, Assisted Living and Transitional Communities

  • More than 80 types of Health Care Entities

Because of our financial success, MMIC has declared $119 million to policyholders since 1994.

Comprehensive Coverage Options


Long-Term Care, Outpatient Facilities
Hospitals, Long-Term Care, Outpatient Facilities
Cyber Solutions®
Administrative Defense Coverage
General Liability
Employee Benefits Administration

By age 65, 75% of low-risk specialty physicians and 99% of high-risk specialty physicians will be named in at least one lawsuit.

New England Journal