Our Claim Philosophy

At MMIC, we strive to provide the best possible claim service, driven by our claim-handling philosophy. Our defense team includes claim consultants, defense attorneys and experts who provide support for insured physicians facing litigation.

  • Thoroughly investigate the facts involved with each claim asserted
  • Work with all parties to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and professionalism
  • Involve our policyholder in the claim investigation and in decisions on whether a case should be defended or settled
  • Retain the industry’s best and brightest defense counsel to represent our insured physicians and medical professionals in litigated cases
  • Engage an advisory council of practicing physicians to assist us in understanding the care and treatment provided
  • Carefully assess causation and damages, and when a settlement is justified, endeavor to be reasonable and fair
  • Focus on defending good medicine and avoiding the cost of defense settlements
  • Seek the written consent of our policyholder if a settlement is indicated
  • Offer peace of mind to our policyholders by reducing litigation stress through our litigation support program
  • Believe strongly that the best approach to claims requires the commitment and cooperation of the entire defense team – including the policyholder, MMIC claim staff and the assigned legal team

“When we’ve had a claim, MMIC has worked very hard on our behalf. Throughout the process, they’ve done a good job of keeping us in the loop. When we’ve required legal counsel, the attorneys whom they’ve provided to us are credible, knowledgeable and skilled. Anytime I’ve had an issue or concern, they’ve addressed it."

- Michele Kelly, Executive Director of Quality, Buena Vista Regional Medical Center