Broad Coverage Trigger

If claims-made, a claim is first made when MMIC receives notice of a claim or an event which may subsequently give rise to a claim.

If occurrence, the insurance provided applies to covered actions occurring during the policy period.

Limits of Liability

For medical professional liability coverage, your limits apply separately to each injured person.

For birth related claims, one limit will apply to the child and a second limit will apply to the mother, if injured. For general liability coverage, your limits apply to each occurrence.

Worldwide Coverage

Coverage is provided anywhere in the world provided the suit or claim is first brought in the United States.

Defense Costs

Defense costs are paid in addition to the policy limits. The limits of liability are not eroded by defense costs.

Umbrella/Excess Limits of Liability

If applicable, separate umbrella limits apply to medical professional liability and general liability coverage, providing two separate towers of liability limits.

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Administrative Proceeding Defense Coverage

Coverage is provided for the defense against administrative actions brought by the government, a third party payer or managed care organization. $25,000 is available for each insured, with a $100,000 total policy limit.

Broad Definition of Covered Individuals

While acting within the scope of their duties, the following persons are covered under your policy:

  • Hospital Administrators
  • Members of the Board of Governors and Board of Directors
  • Employees and Volunteer Workers*
  • Members of any formal accreditation, formal review board or committee
  • Any person enrolled as a student in a training program within your facility
  • Any person or organization (other than an employee) while acting as a real estate manager for you
  • Medical directors, for administrative duties

*For coverage to apply to interns, externs, residents and dental, osteopathic, chiropractic, podiatrist or medical doctors, they must be specifically endorsed in your policy.

Prejudgement Interest

Prejudgment interest is paid in addition to the policy limits. The limits of liability are not eroded by prejudgment interest.