Physician Empowerment Suite

The healthcare environment is changing and with the shift from volume to value reimbursement is increasingly being tied to measures of outcomes, safety, and patient experience. The patient experience is central to success in new reimbursement models, and patient engagement has been shown to be a critical risk reduction tool. MMIC has created a robust two pronged approach to evaluating both patient experience and the related topic of clinical effectiveness by introducing the Physician Empowerment Suite©.

Physician Empowerment Suite©

The Physician Empowerment Suite© lets physicians take control of their future by providing the essential building blocks needed to adapt, succeed, and grow for years to come. The suite can be used by hospitals, practices, and physicians to evaluate baseline performance and identify areas for liability risk and opportunities for performance improvement. Enhancing performance could equate to:

  • Optimized reimbursement from payor negotiations
  • Membership in narrow networks
  • Improved reputation
  • Reduction in bad debt
  • Fewer malpractice claims, payouts, and related expenses

Modules Included in the Suite

Patient Experience Platform
  • Real-time patient feedback from email surveys
  • Provides a clear picture of how you stack up against other providers and practices

Clinical Effectiveness Platform
  • Measures your performance in the areas of: Outcomes, practice patterns, quality, and patient safety
  • Identify your areas for improvement and compare your scores to peers in your practice and nationally

Performance Improvement Tools
  • Extensive library of web-based educational modules
  • 400 downloadable and modifiable example forms
  • Provides module recommendation based on survey results


*Free for existing clients. This offer ends 30 Sep 2017. Prospective clients, ask for details.

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