Claim Support

Paying claims is just a small part of what we do but we do it really well.

Early intervention makes a huge difference in the outcome. We'll assist you with the decisions about how to best approach and manage a patient who may be considering legal action. Our claims service team is staffed with seasoned attorneys who have been assisting clients, like you, for years.

Our Approach to Claim Management:

  • Investigate facts
  • Defend good medicine
  • Communication throughout the course of the case
  • Consent to settle

Physician Litigation Support
  • Proactive communication and ongoing support to the team involved in the case
  • Walk side-by-side with the care team involved in the case, providing emotional and well-being support

Defense Counsel
  • Approved panel of attorneys with expertise in medical liability claims

Physician Advisory Committee
  • Additional feedback from various specialties on the medicine provided in the case to better understand the facts

Crisis Communications Consulting
  • Communicate with the media, employees, patients and the community. Services include media relations, spokesperson training and communications counseling with affected patients.

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